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As professors we want you to succeed and learn as much as possible. There is limited time in labs and the classroom to teach, question, and test. There is never enough time during the week to accomplish everything we want.

Part of our job is to teach you how to study more effectively and efficiently,  processing and understanding information on your own. 

To enhance your home learning we developed anatomy-review.com combining notes with practice questions.  

The questions are designed to test your knowledge and understanding, helping you to focus on gaps in knowledge. The notes are a quick online reference until you can go back to your book and professor’s notes.  

Study what you don’t know, not the stuff you do. 

Our Instructors

Alpha Dog

Alpha Dog

Head of content acquisition, quality control, web design, marketing, human resources, and president of operations.  He is his own dog and follows his own rules.  One of his rules is  to provide an outstanding educational resource for every student who wants to learn anatomy & physiology.  

Additional Instructors

If we acknowledge their work then we would have to pay royalties.

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